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Founded by Alex Nagel and Ryan Day, we are ANCORD Design Co, an industrial design studio that believes intelligent design and meaningful solutions beat aesthetics every damn time. Thanks to a shared childhood obsession with engines and RPMs, our paths first crossed in Toronto in the Humber College automotive studio while studying Industrial Design. But we quickly realized our fervour for design ran deeper than door handles and rear-view mirrors.

Fast-forward to the West Coast, where we re-rooted and reconnected after years exploring the depths of design. With 25+ years of combined professional experience, we were inspired by Vancouver Island’s natural beauty and shared a new obsession: Designing thoughtful, everyday products that solve your business’ biggest problems—and respect and protect this planet. Because we’ve only got the one. And so, ANCORD was born.

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From his childhood in the Canadian prairies to his transportation design studies and early career in the bustling hub of Toronto, Alex has never left home without his sketchbook.

Fascinated by the efficacy of graphic storytelling in comic books as a kid, Alex next became obsessed with cars - picking out makes and models on the road by age 7. Over time, he was drawn toward the role that specific design cues have on automotive brands and the story they create.

Out of University, Alex designed compelling store fixtures and environments for retailers around the globe, working with more than 50 premium brands over several years.

With that valuable experience under his belt, Alex gravitated towards the Pacific Northwest where he and Ryan Day formed ANCORD Design Co - an industrial design collective with a focus on environmental sustainability.

The value is in what gets used, not what gets built.



Fueled by an insatiable curiosity and instilled with a passion for motorsport from an early age, Ryan was born to discover. Happiest when driving some empty back roads, Ryan is constantly in pursuit of knowledge, growth and innovation.

After a lifelong habit of creation his professional career began with a local design firm in high school before going on to earn a bachelor’s degree in industrial design. With a breadth of experience that belies his modest 14-year career, Ryan’s work has spanned a variety of markets – from action sports to electronics, apparel to medical equipment, video games to furniture – and has included a stint teaching University students as well as a Red Dot award for Product Design.

Beginning the next chapter of his career by relocating to Canada’s west coast, Ryan and fellow Humber College alum Alex Nagel co-founded ANCORD Design Co with a focus on environmental stewardship.

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